oak titmouse divines bug inside fennel stalk, stege marsh trailhead


9.3.20 midday in richmond next to little trail that connects 51st st to bay trail, an oak titmouse with a very spotty face lit upon a dry fennel stalk in the middle of a patch of broom

since i did not see it laboring from the first moment, i don’t know if there was a hole in the stalk before the bird landed there

the titmouse pried and pecked and tore into that stalk for minutes, until the hole was big enough for the bird to pull out a pretty big bug, big enough for me to see its legs dangling as the titmouse flew off with this prize

along with imagining that the titmouse must have some awesome skills for it to know a bug was in that stalk, it was cool to watch how the titmouse repositioned itself above and below the widening hole numerous times as it worked it open

lots of wrens calling, one seen, i don’t know the species

2-3 killdeer calling and circling for a long time

lewis payne