Nothing special in Heather Farm, Walnut Creek


it is a bit of the summer doldrums here, so I haven't written too much.  We were gone 1-1/2 weeks, then brought home the pandemic to our house.  I have been to the park three times this week and seen some of the regular walkers or birders.

One birder reported seeing the Caspian Tern in the last couple of weeks.  Another has seen the Red-shouldered Hawk; today I had a Red-tailed Hawk.  Over the last week I think we have had all five of the common heron/egret species.  A couple of times I have seen a Common Gallinule, despite the disturbance of the pond skimmer in late June-early July.  Now, the pond needs it again, but is at the lowest level I have seen in nearly 30 years.

The Muscovy Duck which arrived Palm Sunday of 2021 is still around.  We now have two other ducks apparently dumped, one is almost white and been around a while. The other is bright white bird with orange bill, very much like Donald.  It is bigger than the Mallards.

The Towhees, Song Sparrows and Black Phoebes seem to be happy.  I have heard the White-breasted Nuthatches daily.  A friend had Western Tanagers on the other side of the ridge, but I have not found any in the park.  They like to be in the tall eucalyptus trees in this area.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek