New Members

AnnM <annmcg@...>

Wow, I didn't make myself clear on the start date of the yahoo group. I was hoping that the start day would be on March 20th which would give people time to make the switch. But, thank you for your interest and jumping right in. The group is almost 200 members and that leaves about 700 more to make the change.

To address your concerns, I have changed all of the settings for the group and will be adding information to the footer of all messages. Please do not send out "test" messages. If you have an appropriate message, feel free to go ahead and use this group. Just remember it is reaching a much smaller number of people than the old list. When more people have moved to this list, I will send out the policies on messages, attachments, and photos. Currently, no attachments and that won't change. At this time, photos are to be approved by the moderator but that will probably change.

Good Birding,

Ann McGregor