Nesting Juncos in Walnut Creek


Our Chestnut-backed Chickadees have not yet learned that we are putting out meal worms in the morning. This morning I noticed a California Towhee in our patio early, so I quickly tossed a little seed and then some meal worms. The Towhees were collecting them like crazy last summer when feeding babies, but this one practically walked on them and didn't seem to pay attention.

while the Towhee was still present, an Oregon Junco came in and picked up 3-4 worms and flew off. It did this twice more before I left for church. It must have a nest somewhere nearby, possibly in the redwood trees which are along Treat Boulevard a couple of houses away.

We are still having some White-crowned Sparrows come, they like the meal worms, too. I did not see any Zonatrichia sparrows in Heather Farm Park Thursday or today.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek