N. Parula and Black-Chinned Sparrow at Sibley Regional Park

Mark Rauzon

At 06:30, I heard three stanzas' of song, an ascending trill, coming from the top of thin euculptus trees at the junction on the Overlook trail, Backpackers camp trail and Main fire trail. The first song stopped me in my tracks as I processed that this was a different call, a second call followed in short order, then a pause and a third call sounded like it was moving off. No other songs came in the 15 minutes I waited moved around to other areas, and checked my Sibley app to confirm the identity of the call. A flock of chickadees were working the trees at the time as a slight wind was moving the branches. A stop at 10am was negative.

Initially heard the sparrow at 7am under the power towers up on the slope in chaparal; This is near the end of the Volcanic trail where it approaches the paved road that itself starts off Fish Ranch Road. (About 1.5 from where I heard the warbler.) The sparrow then moved north to another bluff about 1/4 mile away and eventually moved into the area where the road is eroded away and was calling from the coyote bush flats, when I finally saw it singing from atop a dead shrub and was able to take some photos before it flew at 9am.

Photos of the sparrows are here.

Happy Birding and Good Luck
Mark Rauzon