Mystery Cormorant Albany Bulb 8/23

Alexander Henry


On 8/23 while watching a morning Cormorant flight at Albany Bulb I saw a weird cormorant. It is maybe worth noting that this was on a day with an unusually high number of Brandt’s Cormorants.

Unfortunately I only got one (blurry) photo as it flew by in the fog, but in direct comparison to both Double-crested and Brandt’s Cormorant. May not be sufficient for ID. It seemed like a possible Neotropic Cormorant to me. The lores were dark, it had a small orange gular patch, flew with a kinked neck, had a long rounded tail. Looks were not good enough to see if there was a white outline around the gular patch. It looked perhaps slightly smaller and slenderer than Double-cresteds nearby, but not obviously so. Is this just a juvenile Brandt’s, or a weird Double-crested?

Checklist with photo:

Thanks for any help. Sorry for asking here but seems better than spamming eBird with questionable IDs.

Alex Henry