mountain view cemetery

Philip Georgakakos

I birded Mountain View Cemetery today from around 8-10. Not too many migrants yet. Last year I got both Wilson’s Warbler and Pacific Slope Flycatcher there this weekend, but neither today. Like in many other east bay spots this year there were large numbers of Pine Siskins. They were concentrated at mid elevations, singing and foraging in the oaks. The other highlight was a pair of Cooper’s Hawks actively building a nest. Both individuals were very vocal, carrying sticks, and flashing their prominent white rump patches. Nest site is in between the lower and middle pond. Easy viewing from the road that splits the two ponds, the birds seemed comfortable with me viewing from this distance. Lots of folks out in the cemetery enjoying some sun but the roads are plenty wide enough to keep your safe 6 feet of distance. 

Full checklist with some photos here:

hope everyone is doing alright in these crazy times,
Phil Georgakakos