Mount Diablo State Park, Saturday,Aug. 31

Bruce Mast

Hello birders,
I took a long training hike up Mt. Diablo on Saturday, starting at Mitchell
Canyon at 8:30, climbing to the peak via Deer Flat and Juniper Campground,
and then returning via Prospect Gap and Deer Campground. Back to Mitchell
Canyon by 5:30. Conditions were generally warm and still. Bird activity was
slow, especially after about 10 am. That said, there was plenty of evidence
that passerine migration is well underway. I found a half dozen Western
Tanagers during the course of the day, mostly in the Mitchell Canyon and
Deer Flats areas.Two Black-throated Gray Warblers were foraging in a live
oak in the canyon. Townsend's and Hermit Warblers were found higher up the
mountain above Juniper Campground.

I got a few tantalizing hints at flycatchers but was never able to study
them well enough to ID them with confidence.

Accipiter migration is also with Cooper's Hawks on opposite sides of the
mountain and a circling group of 3 Sharp-shinned Hawks.

Get outdoors if you can.

Bird on,

Bruce Mast