Mines Road, Lake Del Valle SRA, Eastern Alameda County

Eric Pilotte

Zach Baer and I did a quick run through Mines Road, Lake Del Valle, and into the far stretches of eastern Alameda County yesterday. While we didn't have any luck with our target birds (Lawrence's Goldfinch, Lewis's Woodpecker, Roadrunner, Cassin's Kingbird, and Bald Eagle), it was a beautiful morning and we ended just as the rain began. Highlights include:
- 9 Rufous-crowned Sparrows (8 along Mines Road (milepost 6 was best), 1 at Del Valle)
- 1 Blue-gray Gnatcatcher on Mines Road (milepost 6 by old tub)
- 25 Eurasian Collared Doves (21 along Mines Road, mostly in the flats before the road climbs; there were so many we were excited to see a Mourning Dove at one point!)
- 2 California Thrashers on Mines Road (1 singing by tub at milepost 6)
- 2 Phainopeplas (1 on Mines Road, 1 on road into Del Valle)
- 5 Western Kingbirds along Patterson Pass Road and in the eastern part of the county
- lingering wintering songbirds (some likely migrating through) were still in good numbers, while new arrivals were also found in decent numbers.

All of our data was entered into eBird.

Happy Birding!
Eric Pilotte
Benicia, CA