MDAS Contra Loma Reservoir school trip--Antioch


On Tuesday and Thursday of this week, Mt. Diablo Audubon Society volunteers showed birds to two fifth grade classes from Jack London School in Antioch. We did this at Contra Loma Reservoir, also in Antioch. Tuesday the school kids saw a total of 35 species. Highlights included Barn Owl in a palm tree, Common Moorhen, Western Bluebirds, Western Kingbirds and 2 Anna's Hummingbird chicks in their nest being tended by mom. Though rain cut the Thursday event short, many of the same species were seen again.

Paul Schorr was the main mover and shaker behind this event, which we at MDAS refer to as "No Child Left Inside". He was aided in the classroom by Diana Granados of Native Bird Connections. Students are taught about birds, about their songs and taught how to use binoculars. Between 10 and 15 MDAS members assisted either in the classroom or at the field trip. During the trip all the students were lent binoculars. The MDAS members had spotting scopes arranged in different areas, usually with some bird of special interest already picked out.

A special thanks to the 5th grade teachers at Jack London School and to East Bay Regional Parks for their cooperation in staging this event.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek