McNabney Marsh and other Martinez waterfront locations


Following the third-hand report of a Little Blue Heron along Waterfront Road in Martinez, a number of us took a look out there today.  David Kent, Tracy Farrington, Albert Linkowski and I took various looks around the area.  None of us found a Little Blue Heron.

I drove east on waterfront road until the road was flooded before the Walnut Creek channel.  I checked Waterbird Pond on Waterbird Way at the Acme Fill entrance gate.  Albert and I both check the Mococo Ponds north of the railroad tracks on the entry road to EcoServices.  And I'm sure we all checked the area directly under I-680 and McNabney Marsh proper.

Albert and I found each other before 6:30 PM and exchanged information.  He had a Ring-necked duck in McNabney, I saw a male Cinnamon Teal.  He had seven Green-winged Teals in a plastic-lined pond at the EcoServices entrance.  I had counted six.  I had about 60 Black-necked Stilts in the Waterbird Way pond, plus some dowitchers and Greater Yellowlegs.  There were some Least Sandpipers in the plastic-lined pond, as well.

McNabney had at least 30 Snowy Egrets.  Some flew north across the road east of I-680 just before Albert and I met, some flew across as we were conversing.  Albert did photograph a Green Heron on a fence post almost directly under the freeway just before we met.

I do not know how many others might have been birding during the day.  I can only speak for the four of us that we did not find this bird.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek