Martinez Birds Friday


I went to Martinez this morning to see my friend drive the Reno Fun Train to Reno this morning, that was part of my attraction to go Tuesday and return yesterday. Because they were delayed by over an hour, I went to McNabney Marsh to see a few birds in the rain. Most of the birding was from the car, though I tried to stand under my umbrella at the viewing platform near the entrance to Mountain View Sanitary.

The highlight was the large number of swallows flying over the marsh, including Barn, Cliff and Tree. It is possible there were Northern Rough-winged and Violet-Greens, too, but the distance and rain, as well as the speed with which they flew, precluded positive IDs of these.

There were also about 20 Wilson's Snipes visible from the entrance road leading to the sanitary plant, accessible from Arthur Road in Martinez.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek