Mallard eating a fresh water shrimp (I believe)


Hello everyone,
I just found out Mallards were able to eat a whole shrimp the same way I have seen Hooded Mergansers eat crawfish. It was my first time seeing that so I thought I'd share, I didn't know shrimps were part of their diet.
I also saw a group of 12 blackbirds sticking together and I would say they were Tricolored Blackbirds but would love a confirmation (their feet have a kind of mite disease too.)

ebird listing :

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On Fri, Aug 5, 2022 at 04:47 PM, <ireddy@...> wrote:
The Mallard was eating a crayfish, shrimp don't have those claws, and your blackbirds are female and immature Red-winged, Tricolored does not show any trace of the warm tones seen on your birds.
Happy birding, and, as always, may the light be with you,
Ralph Baker, Riverbank, CA