MacGillivray's Warbler near Tilden


11:30 AM today, I had a long look at an adult male MacGillivray's Warbler on an EBMUD trail near Tilden Park. In the same area, also saw a singing CA Thrasher and a singing CA Quail.

You need an EBMUD permit for this trail:

EBMUD calls this the Inspiration Trail. See map:

Go to Tilden Park Inspiration Point parking lot (large paved lot) off Of Wildcat Canyon Rd in Berkeley. As you are facing the gate at the beginning of the paved inspiration point trail, there is a small path to your right. Go on the path about 50 ft to the gate. Go thru the gait to the cow path/trail, sign in, and then take the trail straight ahead, not to the right. The trail goes about 3/4 mile, parallel to the paved Tilden Inspiration Point trail but on the Orinda side of the hill. After 3/4 of a mile, there is a barbed wire covered gate (not safely passable) that connects back to the paved trail. About 100 yards before that gate there is a clump of oak trees. This is the second to last clump of Oaks before the gate. The MacGillivray's Warbler was making loud chipping noises and flying back and forth over the trail at this area.

As you are approaching that area, about half way from the start, there are power lines crossing the road. About 75 yards before the towers, at a sharp rightward bend in the trail, I saw a singing blue gray gnatcatcher and a purple finch. Also seen was a male lazuli bunting. A red tailed hawk was on the towers in the Orinda direction. Additionally, numerous Wilson's and Orange Crowned Warblers were all along the trail. Violet Green swallows and a White throated Swift were flying above.

I've been birding this trail for the past week and have found it to be consistently productive.

Harold Newman