Longspur at Hayward Shoreline


I decided to try and chase Bob Richmond's reported LAPLAND LONGSPUR at the Hayward Shoreline. I heard the bird giving its distinct rattle as I first approached the dirt mounds located on the crest of the hills to the North of the walkway heading out to the Hayward Landing. However, they were actively adding dirt to the pile allowing me little time to actually track down the Longspur. I did however look for over 45 mins in some of the areas where they were not actively working but neither heard or saw any longspurs. Out at the Landing there were 10 RUDDY TURNSTONE (at least possibly as many as 12) and 1 BLACK OYSTERCATCHER. Also of note were 2 EURASIAN-COLLARD DOVES and 1 PACIFIC-SLOPE FLYCATCHER at the Winton Ave. parking lot. All in all a great morning of birding.

Good Birding

Zach Baer
Berkeley, CA