Loggerhead Shrike

Alan Howe

Hi, all.

@ around 4:30 yesterday, with the sun setting & almost no birds to be seen or heard, I headed back the east-west trail in Berkeley Meadow, accepting the fact that I wasn't going to see the shrike. As I approached the junction with the north-south trail, I saw a white spot the the brush to the east of that trail--& there he was. As others have noted, while he flits around from perch to perch--bush to treeĀ  & back, he also poses nicely. He showed himself from every angle, allowing good looks from every angle.

It looked like a hummingbird (assumed Anna's) was harassingĀ the shrike. I didn't see it try to move close & attack the shrike, but it kept hovering around, following the shrike when it changed perches. It even chased (?) after the shrike as it flew off to the west.

Peace--and hang in there!

Alan Howe
North Oakland