Lewis's Woodpecker continues at Valle Vista

Lee Friedman

Thanks to Bill Cone and Johan Langweis for finding and calling attention to the Lewis' Woodpecker at Valle Vista last week. This note is to report that as of yesterday it was still there, sticking pretty closely to the snags and poles by the horse corral. If you haven't seen it, this bird is a beauty and there is a good chance that you will be successful in finding it on these open perches.
A photo of it from yesterday is here:
In addition, Valle Vista has not heard about any summer doldrums. There was also a Lawrence's Goldfinch, Wood Duck at the edge of the shrinking water in the reservoir, a Pine Siskin that didn't get the memo about migrating elsewhere, and numerous other nice birds. A photo of the Lawrence's Goldfinch is here:
My eBird list of 33 species with a few additional photographs attached is here:
Good birding,
Lee Friedman