Lewis's Woodpecker and Other CCC Birds

Judith Dunham <judith_dnhm@...>

On Saturday, 3/20, I went to Los Vaqueros Reservoir, a Contra Costa spot I'd never visited before. I was surprised to find the LEWIS'S WOODPECKER still present. The bird was described on EBB by Amy McDonald and originally reported by an eBird user.

For some reason, I am unable to access the old EBB archives following the switch. If you can, look for Amy's directions. Otherwise, a good map comes with the entry fee to the watershed. Follow Los Vaqueros Tail from the parking lot beyond the marina, past the reservoir, to an abandoned corral. The map shows, marked in red, an emergency phone. Standing with your back to the phone unit and the corral, you'll be facing the oaks where the LEWO was actively flying out to hawk insects.

Also at Los Vaqueros: my FOS Bullock's Oriole, vocalizing and flying among the oaks partway down the trail.

Among other stops, I drove down Herdlyn to Lindemann (off Byron Highway south of the airport turnoff). The channel held nearly three dozen goldeneyes. Among the Commons were two Barrow's Goldeneyes, a male and a female.

North of Herdlyn, over the field, was a dark-morph Swainson's Hawk. On the fence: two Western Kingbirds, my FOS.

Judith Dunham