Least Terns and nesting Avocets in Berkeley


Today I birded the Berkeley waterfront with Chris Corben. The highlight for me was three downy Avocet young in the East Bay Regional Park "Meadows mitigation area" (fenced area north of University Ave. and east of the Marina) in the eastern most pond. Three other American Avocets appeared to be sitting on nests. Most of these ponds were installed last year. Other shorebirds observed at this pond or at Seabreeze Cove included: Black-bellied Plover-3, Long-billed Curlew -6, Whimbrel-4, Willet-1, Killdeer-2.
Two Least Terns were foraging over the North Basin. Two Western Grebes were doing a courtship water run and presenting nesting material, but most of the grebes were Clark's (about 15).
One Common Loon was off of the fishing pier. An Osprey flew over Cesar Chavez Park.

There were only two landbird migrants: Western Wood Peewee -- 1 at Cesar Chavez Park, Wilson's Warbler -- 1 W. of the Doubletree Hotel. Cedar Waxwings were feeding on the flowering eucalyptus at the Seabreeze Cove Deli. Unsure if these are considered migrants or wintering in mid-May.
-- Emilie Strauss

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