Lazuli Bunting at Coyote Hills RP


Before noon today, a male Lazuli Bunting was in a tree on the hillside below the bottom section of the Glider Hill Trail at Coyote Hills RP.  My first impulse was to "see" something less rare (I've never seen one in Fremont before).  That's an oddly-colored western bluebird, I thought, so turquoise and such a pink "bib", and wait...white wingbar?  I quickly flipped through my field guide to confirm the ID.  Meanwhile, the bird took off and flew northwest along the Bayview Trail, and then it flew higher up on the hillside above the Glider Hill Trail. Bill Scoggins happened along with family and dog but called down that he didn't see the bird as he ascended the trail.  I spent the next hour and a half trying to relocate the bird, searching Hoot Hollow and walking the Bayview Trail as far as the Nike Trail, but I did not see it again.
Stephanie Floyd
Stephanie Floyd

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