Lake Merritt Hummingbird

mjstanleypls <mjstanleypls@...>

A number of folk have asked where exactly did I see the hummingbird I reported last evening.

I frequently walk along the paved path just to the west of the Children's Fairyland. The row of trees and shrubs along the chain link fence there has been a rewarding spot for the last several months and is the only place I have seen the White-throated Sparrows that have been around most of the winter. West of the path is a swath of grass, then an irregular row of trees at the top of the bank. Another path is between the bottom of the bank and the lake. Mixed flocks of various song-birds are frequently found in the trees. I regularly (almost daily) find Anna's Hummingbirds perched or flying back and forth.

The exact location of where I saw the hummingbird I described last evening was near the southwest corner of Fairyland. It was perched in a Live Oak a few feet inside the fence. My previous sightings of a similar bird were along the path described above.

I still hope that someone will respond to my questions of whether Black-chinned Hummingbirds are found in the Bay Area.

Mike Stanley
Napa, CA