Killdeer chicks


I heard a bit of a racket went I went out at lunch to take a walk. In addition to their presumptive mother, I saw 3 mini-Killdeer sprinting around a gravelled area next to the parking lot. This is perhaps the same Killdeer family that nested last summer. Seems early for actual babies, but given the very different month (still winter, or it was until 10 minutes ago), I'm guessing they have 2 broods a year. Anyway, it was delightful reminder of the change of seasons. I work at the Kaiser Permanente facility in Pinole at Pinole Valley Road and I 80. Also, I've noticed the return of White Throated Swifts to the overpass; they nested here last spring/summer as well. No Cliff Swallows yet, but I expect them soon.