Juvenile Snow Goose at Robert W. Crown Beach

Karen Miller

Hello all,

I saw a Juvenile Snow Goose at Robert W. Crown Beach, in Alameda, at about 4:30 pm on 1/19. It was with about 20 Canadian Geese, on the grass, right by the walking path on the west side of the Native Plant Garden.

I walked by there this morning and did not see the bird, but it is a big park with a lot of geese wandering around. I also saw a Brant in the same area, but on the east side of Native Plant Garden, on 2/17 at about 10:30 am. Again, it was with the Canadian Geese, on the grass and right by the path.

I would have reported these sooner, but I only found out about this group this morning, so this is my first posting. I will be faster with my posting in the future.

Have fun birding!

Karen Miller

David Yeamans

I saw the reported snow goose and brant today (Friday, 2021-JAN-22) at 9 am on the east end of the parking lot for the Botanic Gardens. The brant was being hectored by a crow but the other geese were not.

Dave Yeamans
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