Juve Black Tern at HaywardShoreline-Franks Dump

Srikant Char

Went chasing Noah's reported BAGO, but as usual the million MAGOs ended up giving me same eye-strain like in previous check. Dipped on the BAGO :)
However, i spotted this slender black & white Tern on the mudbank and quickly id'd it as a juve BLACK TERN! Black wings and black spot in front of eye, squatting on a mudbank with active WILLETs, DOWITCHERs and peeps. I watched & clicked for about 5-10mts and briefly turned my eyes down to adjust tripod and it was gone! Scanned futilely for next 20mts in vain.

Hope it resurfaces for more sightings.
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Wonderful Shorebirding indeed!