Jewel Lake - Myrtles, Wilson’s, Selasphorus spp and FOS Swainson Thrush

Cathy Bleier

Amazing day yesterday (4/2) with a group of at least 3 Myrtle’s Yellow-rumped Warblers at Jewel Lake, Tilden Park in Berkeley on Wildcat Trail right below bridge in a lakeside thicket of alders and willows. Are their popns increasing?!?! Spent a while trying to photograph them; then 2 Audubon’s joined them. First of season Swainson’s Thrush heard from Upper Ratpack trail on other side of lake. Know it’s early, but what else gives the continuous upward flutelike spiral? Wish I had recorded it, since ebird is not convinced. But finally, 21 Wilson’s Warblers. The place is packed with them, from right at the beginning of the trail From parking lot, both sides of the trail to the lake, a couple really aggressive ones lakeside on the other side, then more on Upper Ratpack. I saw 9 or 10 and heard the rest; we just stopped looking for them. Amazing. Only a few Orange-crowned Warblers. 5 Selasphorus hummers, mostly showing just the front Making ID hard, mostly on Wildcat trail on way to lake.