Indigo Bunting at Briones Regional Park

Teale Fristoe


Today I found a singing male Indigo Bunting near Maud Whalen in Briones Regional Park. This is about the same location where an Indigo Bunting was seen for a few weeks back in 2018, but none has been reported there in the three years since. Today's bird had some brown patches on its back and flanks, suggesting it is around a year old. It was singing from the top of a bay tree on the west edge of the meadow around 37.941608,-122.160187. I watched it for about five minutes before it flew down and stopped singing, and when it didn't reappear after a few minutes of waiting I moved on.

Things heated up quickly today, but there were still a good variety of nice breeding birds in the park, including Gadwalls, Lazuli Buntings, Lark Sparrows, Grasshopper Sparrows, Bullock's Orioles, American Kestrels, and lots of Western Bluebirds. Surprisingly there was a Say's Phoebe near the Oak Grove picnic area, though I didn't see any evidence of breeding.

ebird checklist with some photos:

Happy summer,
Teale Fristoe