Hummingbirds on Grayson Creek

Alan Bade

Good morning- last Thursday, we saw some interesting hummingbirds along Grayson Creek near Oak Park Blvd during our monthly survey. There were two that were smaller than the Annas we normally see, and they were in almost the exact location of a Black-chinned we saw last summer. For me, female/immature Black-chinned and Annas are hard to distinguish. I thought I'd post this and see if anyone with more experience than I can help!

Here's the ebird checklist;

Here's a Flickr album with Susana's better shots;
In particular, look at "bird2" and "bird3". There are a few shots of each bird. "Bird3" was really small. Bird 2 and Bird 3 were reasonably tolerant of each other, but still sparred a little.

location; or 37.935548, -122.065275

Thanks for any help. I learn a lot from these EBB postings.

Alan Bade
Pleasant Hill