Heather Farms on New Years Day

Ian Buckles

Hi everyone! Long time subscriber and reader of your sightings, first time writer! 

Exciting day for me at Heather Farms park. After stopping and chatting with a few other birders, looking through the 70+ ring-necked ducks to see if we could find a scaup (with no luck) I was able to spot the Common Gallinule, wading on the shore of the island across from the sloped ramp, next to the community garden. Soon after I had a Northern Flicker, and a Cooper’s Hawk in the tall trees between the community garden and the mostly natural pond. As I was leaving, a green heron flew up from the reeds, flying from the south end towards the north end of the natural pond. I also walked over towards the entrance to the Seven Hills school, and was able to spot the Common Merganser that had been reported by Hugh Harvey. I was not able to find the female wood duck that had been reported.

Happy Birding! 

Ian Buckles