Heather Farm Wood Ducks still around


It turns out the young Wood Ducks have not disappeared, though they have made themselves scarce the last couple of weeks.  Two were seen a couple of days ago by another observer, and one was seen by Rosita and me late yesterday.  This morning at least five of us saw a single Wood Duck, either in the gap in the willows on the west side or in front of the green bench. 

The other notable observation I made was four Cliff Swallows perched on some wires along the edge of the equestrian parking lot.  They were chattering and I was busy looking in some small trees for the source of the sound.  Then I looked higher and there they were on the wires.  A couple of their Barn Swallow cousins were over the big pond.

Mostly it has been very quiet in the park.  We are still waiting for the end of the summer birding doldrums.  It is not far off, as we already have acorns falling on some of the walkways.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek