Heather Farm Tuesday


Pretty much the same birds as we have had over the last couple of weeks.  Today there were 5 Coots on the big pond, up since yesterday.  The Cackling Goose I saw on the 15th was present yesterday on the south ball field closest to Ygnacio Valley Road.  Today there were 109 Canada Geese there, but I did not see the Cackling with them.

We have had some interesting birds for the area over the last two weeks or so, including a Say's Phoebe on the north ball field, a Western Meadowlark also on the north ball field, 3 Starlings yesterday, and we had a Common Gallinule for a couple of weeks.  I did not seen any of those birds today, though. 

The other bird I have been hoping to see is very late, and possibly actually "late."  For the last six winters, we have had a Tropical Kingbird stay around from October until late March or mid-April.  And before that it was seen in half of a winter, not being detected until January and February of 2014.  I wish someone would prove me wrong, but to my knowledge it has not returned this year, yet.  Other Tropical Kingbirds have been seen in multiple locations around the bay for at least three weeks.  I have been visiting the park in the late afternoons for about a week, now, thinking that a different time of day might help me find this bird. 

We were very blessed to have "ours" come repeatedly, and for six months at a time, over all those years.  I would just like to say "thank you" to our "late" Tropical Kingbird.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek