Heather Farm Saturday before the rain


The park was particularly empty today.  Nobody in the dog park, only a handful of people walking, and I personally saw only one Ring-necked Duck on the big pond.  Maybe the time of year, the otters and the weather patterns are all combining to cause the population fluctuations we have noticed the last couple of weeks with the Ring-necked Ducks.

So, lots of crowned sparrows for me, though I did not wait to see if the Lincoln's Sparrow came out.  Sparrows were at the dog park crosswalk, the northwest corner of the pond, along the west side and even at the new sparrow corner.

A Bewick's Wren showed itself while singing near the new sparrow corner.  Two Flickers flew to the top of the scraggly redwood tree there.

The Common Goldeneye  female was in the corner out from the boat ramp.

Faith Martinez told me she had a Black-crowned Night-Heron on the lawn.  She was at the crosswalk and on the way home when I first arrived.  She also had a Common Gallinule, but not me.

I had a Green Heron to the right of the island, near the end of the fallen tree.

At least one Red-winged Blackbird, Double-crested Cormorants and Titmouse. Rough-winged Swallows were again flying over the pond and perching on the reeds across the way.

I rode my bike to the private Seven Hills School entrance and had one female Bufflehead on that pond.  More Rough-winged Swallows were joined by Violet-green Swallows.  Two Flickers flew up from the fence line for the solar panels, probably the same two I had seen at the far end of the equestrian area.

A Red-tailed Hawk was perched atop the power pole closest to the school.

Oh, and a Killdeer was on the pavement right near the big vehicle gate for the solar panel area.  It called from the equestrian parking lot side of the road as I headed home.  I have always thought the solar panel enclosure would be perfect for them, it is all gravel under the panels and the fence would keep out most predators.  I have to admit, though, I don't know how much grass is growing under the panels now that they have been in place for so many years.  The fence is not a see-through fence.

That's about it.