Heather Farm Park Walnut Creek Thursday


The Ring-necked Duck numbers went back up to about 20 today and they were joined by a single female Bufflehead.  The female Common Goldeneye continued in the concrete pond.

Tracy Farrington and I were looking at some very sharp-looking Myrtle Warblers.  Two Tree Swallows were in the gnarly oak west of the large, mostly natural pond.  Rough-winged and at least one Barn Swallow were also flying around.  A Sora called from the east side of the pond and a Common Gallinule was at the northeast corner near the crosswalk at the dog park corner.

Six Canada Goose goslings were in the concrete channel of Walnut Creek, well south of the Contra Costa Canal. 

A Red-shouldered Hawk cruised over the area between the large pond and the equestrian rings.  Two Mockingbirds were singing, as was a Ruby-crowned Kinglet.  Plenty of White-crowned, Golden-crowned and Song Sparrows; one of the latter had no tail.

I left the house especially early today in hopes of catching the Tropical Kingbird in the formal gardens, but it was not seen.  The gate is now locked and some landscape people were in there with lawn blowers and mowers.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek