Heather Farm Park Walnut Creek November 8


Quite a few birds in the park today, though many of them are the expected species for this time of year.  Some Robins were high in the eucalyptus trees at the very north ball field parking lot, two Killdeers were on the field.
More than enough Yellow-rumped Warblers, at least one of which might have been a Myrtle.  We have been hearing and sometimes seeing a Marsh Wren on the west side of the pond.  It made a very short call today.
The continuing Tropical Kingbird made a brief appearance on the tree adjacent to the handicapped parking space in front of the wooden railing.
On the pond itself, two Ring-necked Ducks, one male Bufflehead, nine Coots and three Pied-billed Grebes. Three Double-crested Cormorants were flying away shortly after I started around the large, mostly natural pond.
Hugh B. HarveyWalnut Creek