Heather Farm Park New Year's Day


A pair of Northern Shovelers were present for the early birders this morning, they were in the large, mostly natural pond before flying.  A continuing Common Gallinule was in the west reeds, the Tropical Kingbird made a very brief appearance for me in the willows on the west side, the usual sparrows, too.  The Ring-necked Duck population went from 60-80 before the weekend to as low as 6-10 Sunday and Monday, but their numbers are up a bit again.  Buffleheads seem to be slightly gaining in numbers. 

I don't often look due to the students, but during the vacation period I like to look at the pond near the private Seven Hills School.  Two Hooded Merganser females are there right now.  Sometimes the Kingfisher hangs out there, too.
Hugh B. HarveyWalnut Creek