Heather Farm in Walnut Creek late Sunday


The last couple of days I have stayed in mornings, partly due to the smoke, partly due to the bike race in France.  so, today I went to Heather Farm late in the afternoon, sometime around 5:30.

The north ball field had 225 Canada Geese, though 5 of them were of mixed heritage.  The only other birds I saw were two Black-crowned Night-Herons without the white plumes, one Green Heron in the pond near the private Seven Hills School, and 7 Mallards in the small Ygnacio Canal west of the large pond.  Oh, ten Crows were on the ball field with the geese.

In our small patio north of the park, we had a female Junco enter the bird bath for the first time we have seen.  They have come to feed often, but never to bathe. 

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek