Heather Farm Friday Dec. 4 plus Martinez


It was a banner day for me in the park--fourteen Killdeers on the north ball field with some Canada Geese and two Cackling Geese.  It was a six-sparrow day, with White- and Golden-crowned, Song, Lincoln's, Fox and Lark Sparrows.  And it was a five-heron day with Great and Snowy Egrets, Green Heron, Black-crowned Night-Heron and Great Blue Heron.  The Egrets and Great Blue were at the pond near the private Seven Hills School.

The large, mostly natural pond was covered with more than 140 Ring-necked Ducks. Coots, Buffleheads and a few Mallards added to the mix, along with one Common Gallinule.

It was about 40° while I was there.

Later in the morning, I visited the south end of McNabney Marsh and some areas along Waterfront Road and Waterbird Way.  Quite a few Green-winged Teals were present, along with other waterfowl, most notably a total of 19 Mute Swans, if you count the two in Mococo Ponds.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek