Hayward Shoreline (5/25)

Bob Richmond

Seen at the shoreline today -

Black Oystercatcher - 2 at Johnson's Landing.

Black Skimmer - 6 in Hayward Marsh (3 pairs). 1 pair is on a nest.

No Kingbirds were seen on Mt. Trashmore today.

Western Wood-Pewee - 1 at Winton Ave.

Cedar Waxwing - 2 at Winton Ave. I have only 3 later spring records at the shoreline. The latest is June 2.

Swainson's Thrush - 1 at Winton Ave.

Warbling Vireo - 1 at Winton Ave.

Western Tanager - 1 in the trees ascoss Winton Ave. from the Park Office.

Of all the migrants, only the Swainson's Thrush was present early in the morning. But the rest were present late in the morning.