Hayward Shoreline - 4/25 - Least Tern and Snowy Plovers

Eric Pilotte

Zach Baer, my daughter Caroline, and I birded the Hayward Shoreline area today by bike starting from West Winton heading south to the Interpretive Center and back. We also stopped at the end of Depot Road and scanned the City Ponds from there. Highlights included:

- 1 Least Tern - sitting on a rock on the bay at the south end of the refuge
- 5 Snowy Plovers (same area Bob Richmond mentioned for seeing Skimmers: southeast corner of the loop trail in Cogswell Marsh; Plovers were on the sandy island)
- 2 Black Skimmers
- 200+ Phalaropes (City Ponds - we identified some as Red-necked but the rest were too hard to ID given the distance and the heat-haze)
- 11 Bonaparte's Gulls - flyover flock at West Winton parking area
- Black-throated Gray Warbler - 1 female continuing at Winton Ave
- 1 Great-tailed Grackle - female at Depot Road
- Forster's Tern pairs doing mating flights over their colony (southeast corner of the loop trail in Cogswell Marsh)

Eric Pilotte, Caroline Pilotte, and Zach Baer
Benicia, Benicia, and Berkeley