Hammond's Flycatcher and Western Tanager - Creekside Park/Rd., Brentwood - 12/28

Paul Schorr

Today Nancy and I birded Creekside Park and Rd./Trail in Brentwood. Highlights included a Hammond’s Flycatcher and a female Western Tanager.

We saw the Hammond’s Flycatcher where Jerry Britten and Mark Rauzon had reported seeing it yesterday (12/27), at the blue sign that identifies Wolfe Ranch along Creek Rd. The bird was hawking insects from the trees in the yard across the road from the sign. We were granted permission by the homeowner to view the bird and photograph it.

We saw the female Western Tanager at the small pedestrian bridge that crosses the creek near the Creekside Park playground.

Of the 27 species seen or heard, other noteworthy sightings included:

White-throated Sparrow
Purple Finch (6)

Good birding and Happy New Year.

Paul Schorr