Green-tailed towhee?


We live in east Danville near the Blackhawk auto museum.  Hills / open space leading to those large ridges south of Mt Diablo in the back.  This morning in our backyard foraging on the ground was what I thought at the time seemed like a larger, sparrow-shaped bird with a long tail.  Clear olive green covering the back and tail, gray on the sides and cheeks, with a single rufous stripe on the crown, front to back.  Not multiple stripes.  Over two minutes looking with the binoculars it foraged.  I never focused much on the front (and unfortunately the throat), bc I saw mostly the back and sides.  And I didn't know what I was looking at.  I ran to get the camera, and it was gone when I returned.  But I took notes at the time. Then I had to go to virtual meetings the rest of the day, of course, so sending this now.  I didn't notice a crown or peak shape at the head, just a rounded top of head that was rufous.

Could this be a green-tailed towhee?  What else would be that size and have an olive green back and tail with gray cheeks and gray sides, all of which were unmistakable?  I am at a loss on alternatives, but I have never seen a GT towhee in our 9 years here. I have seen them in the Sierras.  Cornell indicates GT towhees are migrating through the area now, and ebird shows a small amount of sightings right in mid-Sept in CCC.

Any ideas welcome and appreciate the assistance.  Avid reader, but first time posting - hopefully this is a proper use of this blog.