Green Ranch Rd. 6/12

Ethan Monk

Today I walked ~1.5 miles down Green Ranch Rd. in Mt. Diablo from about 8am-1030am. I walked until I hit the remnants of the Green family summer home, and then walked back upslope on the same route. After a rather bizarre Spring, it was a rather bizarre hike with three sightings that felt remarkably out of season. A pair of Pine Siskins spent a good amount of time close to where Green Ranch Rd. x Summit Rd. The birds flew off after a little bit and didn't seem to return, and I found no evidence to confirm breeding, but I wouldn't be surprised considering recent confirmations of Siskin breeding (or attempting to) far out of regular range in the desert. But I would presume they are most likely late migrants. A Red-breasted Nuthatch in about the same location is probably one of few precious June-July records on Diablo, although there are a couple late May records, including a pair noted in the atlas May 21, year unknown. And in the chaparral closer to Oak Knoll Picnic Area an intergrade flicker capped off this list of "winter birds." In other more expected news, most of the breeding Phainopeplas appear to have dispersed, but one male continued to reluctantly feed a very grown fledgling by the Green residence. Two Pacific-slope Flycatchers were the only migrants I could find, excepting whatever the first three species are--migrants/summering birds/breeders?

Good birding,
Ethan M