Greater Sage-Grouse conservation in California

Alan Bade

Hi Everyone- I decided to send this bird conservation message via Sightings, as EBB-Discussion is no more. Thanks for your patience!

While we are at home sheltering in place, there's something important we can do for one of our western birds; the Greater Sage-Grouse. The BLM is accepting comments until April 6th on a revised management plan on western lands for this iconic bird. We have habitat and breeding grounds in northeastern California and east of the Sierra Nevada. 

In 2015, the BLM adopted a sound, science-based conservation plan for the Greater Sage-Grouse. This plan was the result of years of negotiation between ranchers, scientists, conservationists, and government agencies. All were in support of the plan. However, the Dept of Interior threw out the plan with the new administration, and is needlessly trying to expand oil, gas, and mining access to areas critical to Greater Sage Grouse. A court order has led to the BLM accepting comments on their new plan until April 6th. Please consider adding your voice in favor of preserving the original agreement!

Audubon Rockies has asked CA Audubon chapters to get the word out. They have a one-click comment letter or you can personalize yours on their action alert here; and . I can forward more information from Audubon Rockies to anyone interested. They sent us an email with more extensive background.

The direct link to the planning doc website where you can also comment is here; 

Thanks, Alan Bade
Mt Diablo Audubon Community Science