Great morning in Heather Farm Park--Walnut Creek Sept. 30


A number of us were present today and we had some very good sightings, though we missed the recently returned Tropical Kingbird.  Highlights were 5 western warbler species: Yellow, Yellow-rumped, Wilson's, Black-throated Gray and Townsend's.  Like many spots around the bay this fall, we had a Red-breasted Nuthatch, though it is highly unusual for this species in the Ygnacio Valley. 

We also had another unusual bird, an American Kestrel, which Tracy Farrington missed and we could not re-find.  It flew from the west side of the large, mostly natural pond toward the equestrian parking lot and the Seven Hills Ranch property.  The Kestrels have struggled everywhere, and we have not seen them around here for years.  The last sighting known to us was on the Seven Hills Ranch property by Elizabeth Leite and her husband, Dal. 

We also had a Pacific-slope Flycatcher on the east side of the pond.  Tracy and I had a Marsh Wren in the Ygnacio Canal on the west side of the pond.  A couple of American Coots have joined the Pied-billed Grebe and Common Gallinules.

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