Golden Plover at HRS, Frank's Dump

Eddie Bartley

The Cal Academy/GGAS Master Birding class had some very nice shorebirds this afternoon at Frank's Dump in the HRS.

An adult GOLDEN PLOVER was spotted mixed in with a large group of Red Knots and Black-bellied Plovers. Almost certainly a Pacific but it was in mid-molt and we never got definitive views of primaries, etc. Will add documentary photos soon.

By the time we arrived to Frank's Dump shorebirds were packed on the sandbars making counting difficult but numbers appeared to be up on many of the species compared to recent eBird lists in any case. Both Turnstones were about as well as at least one Surfbird. We had at least 90 Red Knots (!), 400+ Western Sandpipers, 300+ Marbled Godwits, 150+ Willets. etc. While never numerous 8+ Snowy Plovers seemed better than what I remember at this site. One tern deserving another there were at least 6 Least, 4 Caspian Terns. Great fun!

Happy Trails!

Eddie Bartley
San Francisco