Golden Eagle, Wildcat Canyon

Alan Krakauer

I just headed out in my neighborhood of East Richmond Heights to look for a rainbow (no luck), but while scanning across Wildcat Canyon I saw a strange dark spot on a hill above the Monte Cresta Trail in Wildcat Canyon Regional Park. My first thought was it was a person in a hoodie hunched over admiring the bay, but after I took a very distant photo and zoomed in as much as possible, I thought, could it be, GOLDEN EAGLE?! A moment later a raven came over to harass it, and it took flight, and yup, it was a Golden Eagle. It circled a couple of times then headed east over the ridge.

This isn't my first Golden Eagle here but maybe only my second, and both were 'waaaaaaay over there' sightings. If I'd been hiking that trail it looks like it would have been an amazing look.

It was pretty hawky as well with 3 Red-tails and a Sharp-shinned also visible in the Canyon and a Red-shouldered screaming overhead.

Good Birding, 
Alan Krakauer
Richmond, CA