Garin RP, Hayward


I have to sheepishly admit that I'd forgotten a Hammonds Flycatcher had been seen there recently and I didn't come prepared to look for it. I did see an Epidimax along the creek but from the pic-nic area side. I assumed it was a Pac slope. It had a a tear shaped to the rear  eye ring. I was most impressed by it's very crisp, very white wing bars. It was moving a lot so didn't get a good look at the tail.

I watched two 1st year BULLUCKSs Orioles battle it out mid air for 3 bouts. A flurry of yellow and white tumbling around. Another bright bird was a male COMMON YELLOWTHROAT near the creek about half way to the pond from the footbridge.  Also  WARBLING VIREOS.

A juvenile GOLDEN EAGLE WAS circling high above a westerly hill. What I assume was the same COOPER'S Hawk was seen several times. First harassing a Red-tail Hawk, then  momentarily landing on a trail nearby.  Then bemoaning that I hadn't at that point seen any Orioles or much of anything, I rounded a corner and it was perched on a signpost. later it was agin chasing after the Red-tail.
Judi Sierra- Oakland

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