Garin Regional Park and Hayward Shoreline 4/3


I got out birding today in the late evening and hit the upper hills of Garin Regional Park in hopes of finding Grasshopper Sparrow, I found one non-singing bird. After a successful hike I made my way over to Hayward Shoreline where I was informed by Eric Pilotte about Bank Swallows mixed in with the large swallow flocks. Walking around the shoreline there were several large flocks of swallows mainly composed of Cliff Swallows (almost 80%). Mixed in with one of the flocks was at least 1, but more likely 2 or more, Bank Swallows actively calling. The flocks constantly move, disperse, but luckily call a lot. While searching through the swallow flocks I also noticed 5 American White Pelicans soaring high over the shoreline.

Good birding,

Zach Baer
Berkeley, CA