Fw: Nest cam update

Johan Langewis


March 29: CBCH did not return to nest until ~8AM, laid 2 (3?) more eggs. Whenever she leaves nest eggs are partially covered, not sure how many.

March 30: CBCH leave nest, eggs exposed. 7 eggs.

Next step: hatching

Sorry to all, no internet web. I'll investigate how to do so.

Johan Langewis

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Due to posting problems in the past I'm not sure anyone got my previous post, so here is the history of the nest cam box I installed:

Jan 1: installed nest cam box on side of house
Jan 13: Chestnut-backed Chickadee (CBCH) inspecting box, did not enter
Jan 23: Still inspecting box without entry
Feb 25: CBCH bringing redwood bark to box, nest construction started
March 14: Staring to line nest with feathers & hair
March 16: Roosting all night in box
March 28: 7:30 PM, started roosting, then very busy, agitated. Laid 3 (4?) eggs.

After laying eggs, the bird covered the eggs with feathers and left the box. She has not returned yet (8:15 PM). More updates later.

Johan Langewis
Oakland, in the hills near Shepherd Canyon & Skyline Blvd