Friday June 24 Heather Farm Park in Walnut Creek


We've been gone doing a Yuba Pass trip and then visiting a Las Lomas classmate of mine in Idaho (Ruffed Grouse).  It was a long time and we're glad to be home despite the heat.

Though we returned late Wednesday, I did not go to the park until this morning.  Over 25 Mallards are on the large, mostly natural pond, even though the pond-skimmer machine is doing its annual cleaning.  There were an additional 7 very small ducklings with their mom.

A Black Phoebe landed above three of us with a dragonfly in its bill.  The Caspian Tern has been seen on-and-off, as has a Great Blue Heron.  Two Common Gallinules were present, though I wonder with the pond skimming if any nesting attempt might have been interrupted by the pond-skimming.

I only had to speak to two high school boys twice about not fishing in the pond.  The second time they claimed they were looking for the "red-headed goose."  They meant the Muscovy Duck.  I did not look for it today, but I told them to look south of he concrete pond on the lawn.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek