Fremont Automall Parkway and Nobel Drive

Arthur Robinson

I sent this Monday via the old Sightings email address, but I'm
suspicious it never got beyond my computer, so here it is again to the
new Yahoo groups address, just in case.

Sorry if it's just a duplicate.


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From: Arthur Robinson <>
Date: Mon, Mar 15, 2010 at 10:56 AM
Subject: Fremont Automall Parkway and Nobel Drive

Sunday morning was bright and sunny with no visitors but me at the
wetland area behind the industrial park along Nobel Drive at the end
of Automall Parkway in Fremont. Also, there is no parking issue on

Most of the reported species continued:

Noteworthy in the pond closest to the pathway:
American Bittern
Common Moorhen
Blue-winged teal
Cinnamon teal

There were several adult and immature Black-crowned Night Herons in
the same pond and in the back pond, along with additional Moorhens and
two pairs of Common Mergansers in the back pond.

At the south east end of the path, where the Ferruginous Hawk had been
seen in the past, there were three Burrowing Owls, two of which were
sitting together, along with many, many ground squirrels. Green-wing
Teals along with the other usual duck species were in the seasonal
ponds in the field. The gulls seem to have mostly moved away from this
particular area.

In addition to the noises courtesy of the loud speakers, there was
shooting not too far off, so I assume there is a firing range nearby.


Arthur L. Robinson
247 4th Street, #201
Oakland, CA 94607

Arthur L. Robinson
247 4th Street, #201
Oakland, CA 94607